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Mac OS X

Authentication Issues: Microsoft Word for Mac

Update 2016-07-21: Since originally drafting this blog, the slow launch issue detailed below has been fixed with version 15.24 of the Microsoft 2016 applications. The proxy pop messages still occurring as per the below. Hi all. In this post I’ll

Microsoft, iOS and New Dev Tools

This week saw Microsoft host its developer conference and announced a host of exciting new tools for iOS and OS X developers. The first piece of news is that Microsoft will be adding a new toolkit to Visual Studio, which

Word, Excel, PowerPoint Error: file is locked for editing

Whenever you save a Microsoft Office document (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) to your local hard drive or to a fileserver, an associated temporary file is created to the same location as your MS Office document. However, you will not be

Retail copies of Office 2013 are now tied to a single computer

By Richard Mallion Microsoft recently launched their new edition of Microsoft Office, Office 2013, and with it there is a sting in the tail for the retail version. So what has changed? Previous versions of Microsoft Office only permitted one

Microsoft Surface Pro: Where's my storage?

By Richard Mallion If you are planning on buying a Microsoft Surface Pro in a few weeks then you may wish to read the small print with regards to the memory/storage allocation. That 64GB model, which is the base model,  actually

Kerio Connect Release Resolves Microsoft Connectivity Issue

Kerio Connect 7.3.3 Released Today. Resolves previous issues with Microsoft 14.2.0 (SP2) Update. I recently blogged an article entitled “Microsoft Office 2011 Service Pack 2 (14.2) a Showstopper for Kerio Connect Users” regarding Microsoft’s recent 14.2.0 (SP2) update breaking connectivity

Microsoft release SkyDrive app for iPhone

By Richard Mallion Today Microsoft their  “SkyDrive”  application for iPhone which gives users access to Microsoft’s free cloud storage service. With SkyDrive, users can upload 25 gigabytes worth of files, with a maximum individual file size of 100 megabytes. The free

First Microsoft App for iPad

Microsoft has released an iPad version of OneNote, you can create searchable notes with text, pictures and bullets. Get the free app here from the iTunes store.