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How to Ping a host with date and time stamps

The Ping command is a useful tool that is used within the Terminal application (Applications > Utilities) and here at Amsys ServiceDesk we regularly use this tool to determine if a host (maybe mail server) is available. The standard Ping

Configuring Firefox for deployment

Hello again and welcome to my first post of the year. As you may have guessed, I’ve recently been working with another education deployment and so have been a little bit busy! However, off the back of that project, I

Our Realtime Monitor (ARM) Prevents Major Disruption.

Real time Monitor for Mac OS X Server – ARM ARM has notched up another successful support event and prevented what could have caused major disruption to one of our clients. When our Helpdesk received an ARM alert email from

What's so bad about iCal server?

I thought I’d share a little technical detail regarding issues you can face implementing the built-in Mac OS X Server iCal service and why options such as Kerio Connect are so appealing. To start off, its probably worth me describing

What Mac Support Career Path is Right for me?

I think there comes a time in every Mac Techie’s career, usually after the first year, where they ask themselves, “where am I heading?” Despite Apple only holding 5% of the market, there is in fact a huge variety of