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Top Ten Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you are a technician, power user or end user, most of us prefer to use the keyboard more than our trackpad or mouse. Therefore, keyboard shortcuts are something that you can spend ages trying to discover which ones do

Mac OS X

Make your own Mac OSX Keyboard shortcuts

In one of our Mac Support Courses last week one of the delegates asked me about Mac OSX Keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are great for saving time and Apple is very clear on all the default shortcuts, they are displayed

Mac OS X

Change Internet Sharing subnet on Mac OS X

During one of our Support Essentials Courses a delegate asked me if it was possible to change the subnet supplied by Mac OS X default internet sharing service. After some searching on both the system files and Google, I found

Mac OS X

Unit Conversions on Mac: Spotlight

I haven’t really noticed before but Spotlight has been able to do Calculations for a while now. Since Yosemite it can now also do Unit conversions. It’s a nice feature because you don’t need to specify which conversion that you want,

How to See When a Mac Was Last Rebooted

A student on one of my training courses recently asked me how he could find out when a Mac was last powered on. This is NOT a new feature in Mountain Lion, so you can also perform this action in

How to Change Screen Grab Destination

How to Change the Screen Grab Destination and Image Type I’m assuming that you all know the Mac OS X Screen Grab feature to take a picture of your screen using the shortcut  + SHIFT + 3. I use this

Spotlight Calculator Tip

Spotlight, Apple’s built in search utility, is a great tool for quickly finding files and applications on your computer but did you realise it also has it’s very own calculator built in? Simply open up the Spotlight menu in the