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Mac Admin Developer Conference: Sessions and Speakers

We have just added 6 more brilliant speakers to the Mac Admin & Developer Conference’s stellar line-up and 16 of the 28 talks have been announced. The conference will be held over 2 days in London this February. Attend to


The Mac Admin & Developer Conference UK

Some big and exciting news from Amsys HQ! Next year, we will be hosting the UK’s first conference for Mac Admin and Developers, which will be taking place in London on the 9th and 10th of February. Guest Speakers Some

The dreaded D word – Documentation (Part 1)

The dreaded D word – Documentation (Part 1) Yup, for most techies, the dreaded “D” word. Give most admins a new network or a new server to install and they’ll leap to the task. Ask them to document the work

Why Apple Training is now more important than ever

Following Apple and IBM’s announcement this year about their new global enterprise partnership, it has never been more important that your technical staff and users have the right skills, tools and support to manage, deploy and secure your Apple devices.

What's in my Mac admin tool kit

Hey all, this month I’ve decided to share some of the tools and resources I use to carry out my day-to-day job. The common questions I get when I visit clients are: What tools would you recommend for packaging? What

Office 365 resources for Mac admins

Over the last year or so we have seen a lot of our customer base move away from internally hosting their own email servers to cloud based giants like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps. Cloud hosted email is not

Managing the Dock From the Command Line

Hi Everyone. As you can probably see the punctuality of my posts are becoming a bit of a running joke, one that I promise is not intentional! To make up for it I found an interesting little gem a few