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How To: Configure Lion Profile Manager

As a twice-stung Lion Server configuration engineer, I approached the Lion Profile Manager Service with much apprehension. And it did not disappoint. Please bear in mind I was using the 10.7.2 update of Lion Server at the time and was

Lion Server and VPN – Episode 3

Return of the Jedi PPTP! February 1st 2012. The day PPTP graced the GUI for the first time. For those who have no idea what I’m on about (which is most people generally) this blog post is a hark

Lion Server Finally Getting There

By Richard Mallion Looks like Lion server is following the standard pattern of Apple software releases lately. A new version is released with missing or reduced functionality and slowly these missing features are brought back with a series of updates.

Lion Server and VPN

As some of you know, I blogged last week about my experiences with Lion Server  concentrated on a particular gripe with Lion’s VPN service. Over the last week I’ve had the chance to play with 3 different solutions to my

Six Months on: Lion Server, my opinion.

January marks six months since 10.7 (aka Lion) client and server was released. I’m lucky to have had the great opportunity to have installed at least five 10.7 servers into live environments for clients, in a variety of solutions and

Lion Server: SMB Shares and Permissions

By Richard Mallion Files saved on an SMB sharepoint may have group access removed when you save them. This can happen when applications use “safe save,” which is used to minimize data loss if the save process is interrupted. The