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OpenSSH updates in macOS 10.12.2

Prior to macOS Sierra, ssh would present a dialog asking for your passphrase and would offer the option to store it into the keychain. This UI was deprecated some time ago and has been removed. Instead, a new UseKeychain option was introduced in macOS

Understanding the Mac OS X Keychain

Online services, banking, social media, encrypted hard drives, everything wants to know your password before allowing you access. My list of login credentials is growing slowly and remembering them is not possible anymore. With the advance of the internet and

How to delete Keychains at logout

How to Delete Keychains at Logout I’ve been asked quite a few times whether it’s possible to disable the Keychain functionality in OS X. This is a fairly critical part of the OS, so the short answer is no, but

Keychain Syncing

By Richard Mallion One of the features I miss most from MobileMe was the ability to sync your keychain between multiple Mac OS X computers. Most  application on Mac OS X will store passwords, secrets or certificates in the keychain.