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Mac OS X

Top Ten Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you are a technician, power user or end user, most of us prefer to use the keyboard more than our trackpad or mouse. Therefore, keyboard shortcuts are something that you can spend ages trying to discover which ones do

Mac OS X

Make your own Mac OSX Keyboard shortcuts

In one of our Mac Support Courses last week one of the delegates asked me about Mac OSX Keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are great for saving time and Apple is very clear on all the default shortcuts, they are displayed

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10 OS X Finder tips that still work with Yosemite

10 OS X Finder tips that still work with Yosemite Greetings again Mac enthusiasts! With the recent release of OS X Yosemite, I thought I would keep the excitement going with some useful tips that have been around on the

Handy OS X Dock keyboard shortcuts

Like many other IT Techs, I like to use the keyboard more than the trackpad or mouse when using my mac. Therefore, I need to know lots of keyboard shortcuts to access everything in my Dock rather than having to

Mac OS X Lion Shortcuts

By Hugo Costa   With Lion,  Apple added an option to move a file after the Copy shortcut has been pressed! – Instead of regular CMD + C and CMD + V to copy & paste – Use CMD +