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How to Show International Keyboard Shortcuts

Recently I had a customer who had an issue where he was using a UK keyboard but needed to use multiple languages,  due to this, it was very hard to locate certain keys such as /, ?” etc. The simplest solution

Lion borrows another element of the iOS’ soft keyboard

If you don’t remember the shortcuts to type à or è, or you simply don’t want to use the dedicated keys on your Keyboard, Lion offers a way to get accented letters using standard keys. When you’re typing, keep a key pressed

iOS Keyboard shortcuts

By Richard Mallion iOS 5 has a rather nice keyboard feature where you can assign phrases to shortcuts. Really useful if you repeatly type a long sentence such as an address. As an example their is a default short cut

Emoji Keyboard for iOS 5

By Richard Mallion With the introduction of iOS 5, Apple have added an “Emoji” keyboard. To enable just go to Settings > International > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard. Here you can select the “Emoji” keyboard. Now can switch between