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Munki Configuration Part 4:

Good news everyone! That complex method of using the command line to add and manage installers in Munki can be replaced with a nice GUI method! Welcome to part 4 of the Munki blog series. In this post, I will

New Java Update Patches Vulnerability

Apple have recently released a Java update for OS X which can be downloaded automatically via Software update. This important update fixes multiple vulnerabilities in Java, the most serious being if you navigate to a website with malicious code, it

Objective-C adoption grows in 2011 thanks to iOS

By Richard Mallion Due to the hugh sales of iOS devices , the Objective-C language which is used to develop applications for iOS showed the most growth in usage during 2011. Market share for Objective-C for the end of 2011

Apple releases Java updates for Lion, Snow Leopard

By Richard Mallion Java for Mac OS X 10.7 Update 1, released Tuesday, updates the software to version 1.6.0_29, and offers Mac OS X Lion users improved reliability, security, and compatibility. For Snow Leopard users running 10.6.8, Java for Mac OS