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Using DiskAid to extract iPhone Data

Even though iTunes and iCloud backup are perfectly suitable backup solutions for most people, I have often found it necessary to perform a restore of the iOS firmware while not wanting to restore from backup. The reason behind that is

Apple introduces urls for iTunes Store

During the Super Bowl over the weekend, Apple introduced their new urls for the iTunes/Mac App store. Historically Apple have provided each App on the iTunes or Mac App store with a unique URL. For instance the iTunes url

How to Enable Half Star Rating in iTunes

Have you ever wanted to rate your iTunes songs more than a 3 star but not quite a 4 star? Now you can. iTunes only allows you to rate your songs on a 1 star to 5 star rating system.

Text to Spoken Word in iTunes

By Richard Mallion During my day I listen to a lot of podcasts, mainly while I am driving. I also read a lot of technical documents but always struggle to find the time to read them. One solution I use

iTunes and Mobile Device Backups

iOS 5.0 has just been released. Despite promising myself I’d wait until a few weeks had passed I took the plunge and updated my iPad (v1). The download took a good 2 hours despite the announcement of Apple’s new data

Setting iTunes to Disable Automatic iOS Device Backups

We have just finished an iPad deployment project for one of our customers that had a specific requirement. The 90 iPads needed to be restored to a predefined state, once every two weeks, for the foreseeable future. To achieve this,

iTunes Match tips

By Richard Mallion Here are some great tips gathered from various sources to help you get to grips with iTunes Match 1. There are new “iCloud Status” and “iCloud Download” information columns in iTunes. If you right-click on the iTunes column

Apple switches on iTunes Match in the UK

By Richard Mallion Apple has just switch on iTunes Match for the UK. A subscription to iTunes Match costs £21.99 a year and adds everywhere access to the music you’ve imported from CDs and bought elsewhere. Match first determines which