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Guide to Siri Part 4 – Mail App

The Phone / FaceTime app has 2 basic Siri commands from which it will respond to: Call FaceTime Below are some examples of using this command with the Phone / FaceTime app: Examples Phone calls Call Richard Call Richard Mallion

Guide to Siri Part 2

This is part 2 of our Siri guide. At present Siri only works with built in Apple’s Built in Apps.  Below is a list of apps that work with Siri. Alarms Calendar Contacts FaceTime Find My Friends Local Search with

Guide to Siri Part 1

With the iPhone 4S Apple introduced their  speech-recognition personal assistant, Siri.  It allows you to use your natural speech to do hundreds of useful tasks like sending a text message and placing a phone call. Over the next few weeks we

Better get a bigger boat!

By Richard Mallion Video shot on a iPhone 4S of an 18 foot Great White Shark!!

iPhone 4S First Weekend Sales Top Four Million

Apple today announced it has sold over four million of its new iPhone 4S, just three days after its launch on October 14. In addition, more than 25 million customers are already using iOS 5,  in the first five days

Apple brings Siri voice control to the iPhone 4S

By Richard Mallion   Apple has now confirmed that it will be bringing Siri voice control to its new iPhone 4S. It will let you use natural language to perform tasks like asking for a weather forecast or getting directions, setting