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Will Surface bring open-source to tablet development

The tablet market is becoming increasingly competitive at the moment, with Microsoft releasing its much anticipated Surface, Apple its hugely popular iPad mini and other competitors such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble entering the arena. Apple has a closed

What the New iPad’s Retina Display Means for Developers

By Richard Mallion The new iPad (3) arrives this Friday, March 16. Like the iPhone 4 the new iPad comes with a retina display. The native resolution is 2048×1536 pixels which is an incredible 3.1 million pixels. This is form

The iPad

To probably nobody’s surprise, Apple have released the latest revision to their award winning tablet, simply named “The new iPad”. In summary, the new advertised features are “Retina Display” with a 2048 x 1536 resolution and 3.1 million pixels A5X

Microsoft Office for iPad?

Rumours are circulating that Microsoft are about to submit a version of Microsoft Office for the iPad to the App store for approval. The version (pictured above) is said to allow the creation and editing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint

iPad Apps in Education

I have had the fortune this week of watching some incredible presentations and testimonials on iPad in education. What blew me away was the way in which the iPad and the apps that go along with it have revolutionised the

Netflix Launches in the UK

By Richard Mallion Netflix has launched its online movie subscription service in the UK, allowing consumers to get unlimited access to their films catalogue  for £5.99 a month. The service uses the internet to stream films and programming to connected

iPad Survives Fall From Edge of Space

By Richard Mallion A really cool video has recorded an Apple iPad’s fall to Earth from a balloon in the stratosphere. The video shows the iPad falling from a height of 100,000 feet , with the blackness of space and the bright

Setting iTunes to Disable Automatic iOS Device Backups

We have just finished an iPad deployment project for one of our customers that had a specific requirement. The 90 iPads needed to be restored to a predefined state, once every two weeks, for the foreseeable future. To achieve this,

iPad as a universal remote control?

Having recently setup my home theatre system, I have become increasingly frustrated by the sheer volume of remote controls lying around my living room. Oh how I would love to replace them all – TV, Sky, AV receiver, Blu Ray

Bring your meetings to life with SoundNote

A large part of my job is visiting clients onsite for face to face meetings to discuss support options or consultancy work we can provide. As anybody knows with any meeting, note taking is paramount to ensure when you leave,