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What's New in Apple Configurator 1.2

By Richard Mallion Apple have just updated their Configurator tool for iOS devices.  Below is a summary of what has changed or been updated. What’s interesting is that this tool is becoming more and more important, superseding the iPhone Configuration

Apple Maps Needs You!

By Richard Mallion So, iOS 6 has been out for almost a week. Generally it has been well received apart from one aspect, Maps. It was commonly known that Apple were replacing Maps supplied by Google with their own mapping

The New iPhone 5 Visits Amsys

Earlier, Peter Roberts, one of our Objective C trainers came in to show off his brand new iPhone 5! Here are some pics of the phone.. and you can see just how excited Richard was to have a play –

UK iOS 6 Feature Availability

By Richard Mallion Apple have posted a page on their web site which lists which iOS 6 features are available on a country by country basis. Its looking quite good for the UK. The only exception seems to be the

WWDC – iOS 6 – Lowdown of the Best Features so Far

By Richard Mallion Along with Mountain Lion, Apple also took the wraps off the next version of iOS, iOS 6. Due for release sometime in the Autumn, with what one suspects, new hardware; this version has some great features to