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Receiving calls with Siri

Amongst all the new features in iOS 10, there are some that are less publicised than others. One of these lesser known features is the ability to have your iOS device announce who’s calling when receiving a phone call based on the

Mac OS X

Top Ten Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you are a technician, power user or end user, most of us prefer to use the keyboard more than our trackpad or mouse. Therefore, keyboard shortcuts are something that you can spend ages trying to discover which ones do

Mac OS X

Make your own Mac OSX Keyboard shortcuts

In one of our Mac Support Courses last week one of the delegates asked me about Mac OSX Keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are great for saving time and Apple is very clear on all the default shortcuts, they are displayed

Mac OS X

Change Internet Sharing subnet on Mac OS X

During one of our Support Essentials Courses a delegate asked me if it was possible to change the subnet supplied by Mac OS X default internet sharing service. After some searching on both the system files and Google, I found

My Apple Watch experience (Part 1)

Like many people, I was unsure of the amount of use I would find for the new Apple Watch beyond being able to tell the time (very accurately though might I add). After some to and fro, I decided that

Bash Scripting: man and – -help

Last time I went through some general scripting concepts and recommendations, leaning towards Bash (or ‘shell’) scripting. I know you’re itching to get started with scripting, but how do you know what each command does, and what ‘arguments’ are available