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Imagr 101: Use Cases and Advanced Options

Hi All, and welcome back to the final (for now) part on configuring Imagr. This time, I’ve taken a brief look at some specific use cases and some more advanced options to consider.   Use Case: Casper Enrolment Workflow I

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Imagr 101: Web Service

Hi All, and welcome back to our series on configuring Imagr. Last time, we introduced you to Imagr and ran through the setup of the NetBoot / NetInstall service. This ‘part 2’ looks to cover the configuration of the OS

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Mac OS X

Apple Configurator 2 – cfgutil

Along with El Capitan, Apple released Apple Configurator 2. This should be seen as a new tool and not an update for Apple Configurator 1. There will be a lot of guides on how to use Apple Configurator 2 etc.,

Mac OS X

OS X Server 5 – Caching Server

If you only need one reason to run an OS X Server, then the caching service is it. This is a must service for any company who utilises Apple devices. For an understanding of the caching service please see these

Munki 2: Upgrading Your Munki Repo Content

Hi all. Welcome to the fourth part in my Munki 2 blogs: The on-going guide to get Munki newbies up and running with a basic setup to cut your teeth on! This blog is designed as an add on to