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How to stop first run messages in Google Chrome

Hi All, this is gonna be another one of those “I had to do something for a client and so I thought I’d share” blogs. You have been warned! As part of a typical school install, we would need to

This Costs 3 Times the Value of an Apple TV!

By Richard Mallion Google Nexus Q Home Media Streamer At Google IO this week, Google announced their new Nexus Q Home Media streaming device. At $299 it has no user interface of its own (other than a volume knob), and requires an

Google Announces New Support for iOS

By Richard Its been a busy week for Google, this being the week of their developer conference. Hot on the heels from Apple they made quite a few announcements ranging from a Google sanctioned 7″ tablet to JellyBean, Android 4.1.

Google Finally Launches Google Drive Cloud Storage Service

Google has finally announced its cloud storage service,  Google Drive , providing users with 5GB of free storage and  integration with Google Docs and other Google services. Using Google Drive users to can upload and access all file types, including videos, photos, Google

Google's Name Bench Utility

By Richard Mallion My home broadband setup is with Virgin Media and to be honest I’m really happy with the service however I have always found it to be slightly sluggish when locating web sites. Once the site was found

Google Maps Gets UK Rail Information

By Richard Mallion Google has finally add UK rail services to its online mapping application, Google Maps. Those planning journeys or routes with Google Maps can now plan their trip around the train timetables. The addition of rail information to

Insync, alternative to Dropbox and the like

By Richard Mallion Insync is alternative t0 Dropbox. It’s cheaper than Dropbox and the core service is free. The only cost for basic membership is the cost of Google storage. Insync brings a number of features to the table, differentiating it

Google starting to post Mac Admin tools

By Richard Mallion Google has just started releasing some of their tools they use internally for managing their Mac suite. The first tool up allows you to track application useage on client systems using crankd. You can get the code

Using Google abroad

By Richard Mallion Having done quite a bit traveling abroad this year things can quickly become frustrating when you attempt a search on Google and discover you are redirected to the local countries variant. This is convenient for things like