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Mac OS X

How to disable Gatekeeper in OSX Sierra

During the June WWDC conference during a “What’s New in Security” session it was made known that Apple were changing the default options of Gatekeeper for macOS Sierra. This can cause some troubles installing programs so I’m writing this blog

Gatekeeper changes coming

Gatekeeper was introduced in Mountain Lion and OS X Lion v10.7.5. It’s used to help protect your Mac from malware and misbehaving apps downloaded from the Internet. The safest and most reliable place to download and install apps is via the Mac

How to manage Gatekeeper via Command Line.

Following on from John’s Gatekeeper Podcast. I thought I would blog about something that I’ve been asked about a few times whilst teaching Apple’s Support Essentials course which is, how to remotely manage Gatekeeper using Command Line. As John mentioned

Podcast: Gatekeeper

[embedvideo type=”youtube” id=”ycClUL7M9lQ”] Hello and welcome to this Amsys Training podcast.  My name is John and today I will be talking you through one of the new features of Mountain Lion, Gatekeeper. Gatekeeper is a new security feature that has

Gatekeeper Security Feature Blocks Opening of Apps.

Mountain Lion has some great new features. One of them being the security feature Gatekeeper which makes it safer to download apps to your mac by protecting you from accidentally installing malicious software. As great as this feature is, it