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OS X El Capitan Finder Feature: Copy as Pathname

Now that OS X El Capitan (OS X 10.11) has been out for a little while, I have managed to stumble across some of those cheeky hidden features (AKA Easter Eggs) that Apple love to slip into an OS update.

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10 OS X Finder tips that still work with Yosemite

10 OS X Finder tips that still work with Yosemite Greetings again Mac enthusiasts! With the recent release of OS X Yosemite, I thought I would keep the excitement going with some useful tips that have been around on the

How to quickly enable OS X Finder's Simple Finder mode

For those of you enjoying my ‘how to disable’ series, here’s another handy tip. The built-in Parental Controls in OS X has a very useful option called ‘Use Simple Finder’ as shown below: Like most user interface features, there is

How to disable the Finder's extension change warning

To carry on with my ‘how to disable’ series, here’s a simple but useful tip. Do you find that the OS X Finder’s warning dialog to be fairly irritating when you’re deliberately changing file extensions? You know what you want

How to Disable the Finder’s Preferences menu option

To add another to my ever growing ‘how to disable’ defaults-write series, here’s another to restrict the Finder. If you want to prevent a user from modifying the Finder’s preferences, one option is to enter a simple command to simply

Prevent OS X help windows from hogging your screen

Over the years of delivering Mac Training for Apple through Amsys, I often get asked how to disable something or change how a default feature works, more than how to configure something! Have you ever selected the ‘Help’ menu in

5 useful OS X timesaving tips

If you have a preferred shortcut or tip that we haven’t yet featured, please feel free to add them in the comments below or email, and we’ll include them in a future blog.   1. Add your signature to