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Client Security – Part 3 – Remote Wipe

Hi all. Welcome to the final part of my blog series on client security for end users. This final time I will be discussing the final measure, remote wiping a device. As before, this is geared more towards your average

Client Security Part 2 – FileVault 2

Hi all. Once again I’m delving into client security for end users as part 2 of the series. This time I am focusing on the use of FileVault 2, Apple’s full disk encryption solution. As before, this is geared more

Client security part 1 – ways to lock the screen

I’ve found myself doing a fair bit of work for a number of clients, concentrating on client security (e.g. security of user’s Macs). After some thought, I’ve decided to do another mini-series regarding simple methods to ‘harden’ your Mac computer.