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Block Google Chrome Extensions with a Profile

Hi All. You guessed it, it’s another customer request blog 😛 I had another education customer request us to block the installation of Google Chrome Extensions for their student devices. The little darlings Students had been installing VPN extensions in order

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Chrome first run messages revisited – with added profiles

Hi All, and apologies for the unexpected hiatus. Would you believe we’ve been a little busy! Supporting David Acland’s efforts at the amazing MacADUK conference has made me realise that there’s still things I’ve picked up after the last few

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How to stop first run messages in Google Chrome

Hi All, this is gonna be another one of those “I had to do something for a client and so I thought I’d share” blogs. You have been warned! As part of a typical school install, we would need to

A starter guide to using Iceberg to package Google Chrome

Hi Everyone. With the bulk of my Munki starter guides now out, I’m taking a short break and concentrating on other blogs. Don’t worry, Munki will return this year! In line with this, today’s blog is a simple starter guide

Google Announces New Support for iOS

By Richard Its been a busy week for Google, this being the week of their developer conference. Hot on the heels from Apple they made quite a few announcements ranging from a Google sanctioned 7″ tablet to JellyBean, Android 4.1.

Chrome with a polish

I love Google Chrome as a browser. It feels intuitive, fast and, well, better than Safari which used to be my browser of choice. Default Mac behaviour is to ask if you really want to quit something, which can be