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Using Firefox, CCK2 and AutoPKG

Are you using Firefox and CCK2 in your environment? Are you fed up with manually repackaging your CCK2 tweaks each time Firefox is updated prior to deployment? Are you fed up of not being able to use AutoPKG to do

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CCK2: Download Location Changes

Hi All. Just a quick one to point out that Mike Kaply’s amazing CCK 2 solution (I owe that guy so many beers!) will now only be available from his website here. He has made this decision to reduce the

edting firefox 35 with munki
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Deploy a Firefox CCK2 package with Munki

Hi Munki / Firefox admin! I’ve been known to use both JAMF’s Casper suite and Munki, situation dependent, but recently all of my Firefox CCK2 posts have been geared for Casper admins. Time to give some love to Munki in