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Munki 2: What’s New in Munki 2.1 and 2.2

Hi all. Well, since we published my intro to Munki 2 blog, Greg has continued his forward march and released two full versions since! This blog will give a rough overview of the shiny new features in these releases! So,

Plex – Awesome Home Media Solution

Although there are some alternatives on the market, my favourite is still Plex. I have been using it at home for a few years now. The solution includes: A Mac mini server with 6TB of external storage (to hold my movies and

Bring your meetings to life with SoundNote

A large part of my job is visiting clients onsite for face to face meetings to discuss support options or consultancy work we can provide. As anybody knows with any meeting, note taking is paramount to ensure when you leave,

Best App – If you use a bus!

OK. Scenario: You are standing at the bus stop (one without the digital sign to say coming). It says on the little sign that the bus is due every 5 – 7 mins. It has been 20. What do you

First Microsoft App for iPad

Microsoft has released an iPad version of OneNote, you can create searchable notes with text, pictures and bullets. Get the free app here from the iTunes store.  

Remove apps from purchase history in the Mac App Store

By Richard Mallion With the Lion 10.7.2 update you can  now remove purchases from your Purchased history in the Mac App Store. Click the Purchased button at the top of the store then move your cursor over an app from