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Advanced Mac Software Deployment and Configuration

Practical Approaches for Identifying and Fixing Issues by Tim Sutton, Concordia University Most of us are in the business of helping people in organizations use computers to get their work done. Computers are nothing without the software they run, and

edting firefox 35 with munki
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Deploy a Firefox CCK2 package with Munki

Hi Munki / Firefox admin! I’ve been known to use both JAMF’s Casper suite and Munki, situation dependent, but recently all of my Firefox CCK2 posts have been geared for Casper admins. Time to give some love to Munki in

How to manage Gatekeeper via Command Line.

Following on from John’s Gatekeeper Podcast. I thought I would blog about something that I’ve been asked about a few times whilst teaching Apple’s Support Essentials course which is, how to remotely manage Gatekeeper using Command Line. As John mentioned