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Mac Meetup Presents: AD integration and Home Folder Syncing

The “MacAdmins” conference at Penn State on the East Coast of the USA hosts 60 sessions on top Mac and iOS deployment topics from guest speakers in the Apple community. Our Technical Director, David Acland was lucky enough to head

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Getting the LDAP distinguished name for an AD user

Sometimes when I’m integrating Macs (and other systems) with Active Directory they ask for the full LDAP distinguished name of the user I’m using to authenticate. This is the user name in the traditional LDAP format: cn=username,ou=something,DC=amsys,DC=com (for example). In

Managed Preferences Part 1 – Introduction

Over the last month or so, I have had the pleasure of working on deploying Mac computers into a large school network. The solution includes the typical AD authentication and login, full network deployments as well as the ability to