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A starter guide to using Iceberg to package Google Chrome

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Arun Kanth

Just in case if you can help me in setting up my Iceberg on Mavericks!!! I know this is not the forum to talk but I dont get any links on google regarding my problem. Hence trying you guys.
When I tried to install IceBerg on my Mavericks, it crashed and from then onwards I am unable to boot into my system in normal mode. I have been using it in Safe mode.
Mine is the latest iMac with Mavericks pre installed.(10.9)
At boot time it shows the Kernel panic errors with CHUDKernelLib errors.
Thanks for your support if you know some thing about this.

Darren Wallace

Hi Arun
I’m sorry to hear that, it’s not an issue I’ve had with Iceberg on Mavericks. It could well be a coincidence but to test this, I’d suggest you get your Mac booted up and uninstall Iceberg using their instructions (http://s.sudre.free.fr/Software/documentation/Iceberg/English.lproj/documentation/Iceberg%20Installation.html).
If this doesn’t work, I can only suggest trying to restore your system from a back up.
Hope that helps.


Hi Darren,
This guide has been really helpful. Thanks.
However, is there a way to include the license key for my application to avoid manually inserting the Licensing credentials after running the installation on a Client?

Hi Sandra,
Possibly, it depends on how the application is licensed and where that licensed file is stored. For example some applications store their license file inside the .app bundle, for these you can license the app then package the final bundle.
Others store it in other locations and should be added to the package as needed, along with your .app bundle.
Others store it in other ways and you might need to use a packaging tool (such as Casper Composer) to package these up.
In any case I’d suggest a dig around the Munki or Casper forums or contacting the developer directly.
Remember, Iceberg is a very simple packaging tool!
Hope that helps!


Hi Darren,
Is there a simple way to install a package to a user’s Home directory?
For example, I want to create a package that places the file ReadMe.txt on the user’s desktop.
On my computer the path is /Macintosh HD/users/Jeff/Desktop
But your computer’s path is /Macintosh HD/users/Darren/Desktop
In Finder, I can use ~/Desktop and that would take me to the right spot. Is there an equivalent command in Iceberg?

Darren Wallace

Hi Jeff,
I’m afraid there’s nothing in Iceberg (or installer packages in general) that would achieve what you’re after. My suggest would be:
– Build a package that would put your file somewhere else, e.g. /Library/CompanyName/ReadMe.txt
– Write a post-flight script that loops through the /Users folder (excluding the Shared folder) and copies the file into each Desktop folder.
– Don’t forget to correct the permissions on the copied file!
Another option, if you’re using the Jamf Pro suite, is to utilise the FEU / FUT feature.
Hope that helps!

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