Sorting folders/sub folders in Apple Mail

I recently had the issue of folder and subfolders in Apple mail becoming unorganised meaning they were no longer in alphabetical order……..this annoyed me (bit petty I know).
If your are like myself and look to keep your inbox clear of clutter then you too will have quiet a few different folders, the option of manually checking and moving them all seems tedious and dull. I looked into this and found a relatively quick fix:
Say your mail folder’s set up was just single letter but after a while you found it looked  unordered – like the basic version below, just follow the few steps listed and all will be sorted for you!

Mail Unsorted

Go to Mail and then preferences.
Then select the account you wish to edit which in this case is test:

mail accounts

Once the account has been selected tick the advanced tab and untick the ‘Enable this account’ checkbox:

enable this account

Once the above is done,  your account will disappear from the right hand side panel (don’t be alarmed by this), simply Quit Mail, MAKING SURE YOU SAVE CHANGES!
Then relaunch Apple Mail and reverse the steps above to re-enable (tick the box) the account’s folder’s will appear ordered.