Some more Screenshot Tips and Tricks

Following on from my colleague Anton’s blog entitled “How to Change Screen Grab Destination” and Hugo’s blog “How to Remove the Shadow on Mac Screenshots“, I thought I would share with you all a few additional options available whilst taking a screenshot.
Remember that as well as performing a Full Screenshot (⌘+Shift+3) you can perform a Selection Screenshot (⌘+Shift+4).
During a Selection Screenshot try out these little extras :

  • Hold down the option/alt key during a capture to grow the selection from the centre as opposed to an edge.
  • Hold down the shift key to lock in the vertical or horizontal position.
  • Hold down the space bar to move the selection while locking in the aspect ratio.
  • Hold down both the shift key + space bar to lock in the horizontal or vertical while moving the locked selection.

Happy screenshotting!