Save As is Back

By Richard Mallion
So, one of the nice things regarding Mountain Lion is that Apple has brought back the Save As option which was dropped in Lion and replaced with Duplicate.
It’s slightly hidden, but to activate it just hold down the option key when visiting the File menu as shown below.

You will notice that the default key combination is not the easiest to use or remember, the Duplicate feature now uses the key combination that Save-As used to have.
This can be easily reverted by visiting Keyboard preference pane. If you go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts and select “All Applications” on the right hand side you can remap any menu item you wish.
So, for instance you could swap the key combinations used for Duplicate and Save As as shown below.

One consequence of changing the keyboard shortcuts is that the Save As option will now be available all the time in the File Menu, and you will have to hold the option key to present the Duplicate command.