Revise IT announced: Surrey Digital Awards 2015 Finalist

Revise IT has come a long way since we launched a series of free revision apps for Apple techs five years ago. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that Revise IT is a finalist in Mobile App Category at the Surrey Digital Awards 2015!

What are The Surrey Digital Awards?

The awards were have been created to “reward innovation and progressive thinking by businesses across the county…” and to provide a “showcase for the hard work of those companies who have embraced online technology.”

Revise IT’s Story

Richard Mallion, our CTO and brains behind the Revise IT app, first came up with the idea when he moved on from writing printer drivers for Mac OS 6 and into development. Once Apple released the SDK, the idea to develop apps for iPhones really grabbed Richard’s attention.
What started out as a hobby, quickly developed into creating apps with a purpose; supporting Amsys and the Mac community. And that’s when the initial revision apps were born.
Consequently, as Richard skills and understanding of iOS development advanced we were able to create our range of now phenomenally popular iOS app development courses!

Revise IT’s Feedback

During its lifetime, Revise IT has received some amazing feedback from the community as well from a number of Apple training companies. As Revise IT was one of the first apps of its kind on the market, it subsequently received a lot of exposure. Both Mac User and Mac World featured Revise IT in their magazines, and it made it to the top 10 on the education list in the App Store.
To date, the App has had around 100,000 downloads!

Revise IT’s Yosemite Update!

When we released 10.9 last year, we were blown away by 18,000 users updating the app almost immediately. For those of you eagerly waiting for 10.10, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve just submitted version 10.10 to the App Store. We’re expecting Support and Server Essentials to appear sometime in Feb – Tweet @amsysuk to get an update!

Revise IT’s Future

Last year we included a number of new features, including the ability to share your results on social media platforms along with a new interface for iOS 7. This year, Richard is planning on giving Revise IT a bit of a well-deserved face lift.

Thank You

The awards ceremony is taking place in Surrey on 5th March 2015. And we would just like to thank everyone who has downloaded Revise IT and to the Apple community as a whole as Revise IT wouldn’t exist without you!

Download Revise IT for free here.