Quickly access any Apple Mail Folder Using Keyboard Shortcuts

By Anton Marcelline
Usually you would access email folders within Apple Mail from the left-hand sidebar. If you have a long list of folders on your sidebar then simplify access to regularly used folders by dragging them onto the top toolbar for quick access by clicking the link (Lion, Mountain Lion Mail only).
Even better than this is that you can access anyone of those linked folders by performing a keyboard shortcuts.
In the image below you can see we have InboxSentDraftFlagged. So the shortcut to access Inbox would be CMD and 1 because it is first in the list from left-to-right. So, if you wanted to quickly access Draft you would perform the keyboard shortcut CMD and 3because it is 3rd on the list from left-to-right.
I trust that this makes sense.

Remember that you can add additional email folders by dragging them up to the toolbar and also you can re-arrange the left-to-right order by dragging as well.