A Quick Tip to Troubleshoot Mac Display or Network Issues

We love our Macs and we hope that they never fail us, but (sadly) this sometimes isn’t the case.
The following keyboard short cut will troubleshoot some of the more common start-up issues with your Mac.

Video issues:

If your Mac starts up and you see fuzzy coloured lines or distortion on the screen using this simple keyboard short cut to try and reset the PRAM or NVRAM”
Hold down the P, R, ALT and COMMAND keys at start up, which should quickly resolve any distortions that you might be seeing on the screen.
This will also reset your sound and network setup back to factory settings.

You can also Reset the Network Settings

This keyboard shortcut is also handy if you are unsure why you are having network issues, for instance,  you’re unable to connect to a network properly or access the web, as it will reset the basic settings for your network set up.
If  either of these issues are not corrected by using the PRAM shortcut or by checking the system preferences for the settings for video, sound and your network then you may well be facing a hardware issue, in which case you will need to contact either Apple or an Authorised Service Provider such as the Amsys Mac Repair Service.