Quick Survey About Our Events – Answer to Win a Prize.

The feedback that we receive at all of our events is always a pleasure to read, however we understand that attending conferences and seminars can sometimes be just what you needed, or a little bit hit and miss.
The conferences, boot-camps and seminars that we put-on throughout the year are designed to provide something for everyone’s tastes, skills and career path, however sometimes we can’t please everyone!
Be it, they’re too technical, not technical enough, to not providing gold plated pens 😉
So, we thought we’d ask you guys what you’d like to see from your next conference, boot-camp, or even a completely new event.
Tell us your thoughts and ideas… Maybe you’d prefer more demos, more opportunity for audience participation, or even a seminar on an angle not previously covered?
Bearing in mind that the specific agenda for the day isn’t something we can predict right now – who knows what Apple have up their sleeve for 2013 – but we can at least put the plans in motion and create something together, that will appeal all round.
Whatever it is – please do tell us, and as a thank you we’ll enter you into a draw for mystery prize.