Problems with Apple's Latest Mac OS X updates

By Richard Mallion
After the flurry of updates from Apple this week we now have some fall out.
The first is to do with Apple’s Security Update for Snow Leopard.  Many of the users who updated their systems with Apple’s most recent security patches found themselves unable to run PowerPC legacy apps via the Rosetta compatibility layer. Apple today  released a new version of that update (Security Update 2012-001 v1.1) which is now available, and it should resolve the issues.
The second is do with the 10.7.3 update for Lion. Apple have pulled the delta version of the update and left just the combo version available for download. No reason was given but speculation is thats its todo with issues of applications crashing followed by graphical artifacts in response to user input in various windows. Hopefully Apple will post a new version of the delta update shortly. For the time being if you have installed the 10.7.3 delta update and are experiencing problems then try reapplying 10.7.3 with the combo update.