Pro Video Formats 2.01

A few days ago Apple released the Pro Video Formats 2.01 update for OS X. A lot of people have noticed that after installing the update, it keeps re-appearing as an available update to install within the Mac App Store app.
There are a number of fixes for this but one of the simplest is as follows.

  • First download the stand alone version of this update from Apple. You can grab it here. You will download a disk image.
  • If you open the disk image up you will find the installer. If you simply run this installer you will find that you still get the same issue.
  • Instead we will use the great tool Pacifist to install it. You can get the app here.
  • Run Pacifist and open the installer found on the disk image you downloaded.
  • You will be presented with a list of contents. Select the first item in the list and click the install button. If you get a message that some items already exist, click the replace button

After performing this task you should find the update is no longer listed as available but is now in the installed section of the Mac App Store app.