PrintWindow Utility

B y Anton Marcelline
PrintWindow is a utility that does exactly what it says on the tin: it prints the contents (files and folders) of any Finder (desktop) window. For those that don’t remember, we used to have the ability to do this natively in Classic Mac OS (OS9 and lower), but unfortunately this functionality got lost in transition over to Mac OS X.

Printing the contents of a Finder window can be particularly useful for cataloging the contents of a DVD archive or backup you may have burned to disc. I know lots of graphic design studios that use PrintWindow specifically for cataloging their backups or DVD image libraries.
Without PrintWindow the most common method of printing the contents of a Finder window would be to screen grab the window and print the image, but this can get messy if the content extends beyond aspect ratio of the window.
PrintWindow provides plenty of customisable printing options like expanding the list to all sub-folders and files, adding information like Date Created/Date Modified and Kind, sorting options, include or exclude icons from printing.
PrintWindow works with Mac OS X 10.4+ and although the Developer’s website doesn’t highlight it, I can confirm that it also works with 10.7 ‘Lion’
Developer: Searchware Solutions
Price: Free (Standard) / $20 (Advanced)