Plymouth University – The results are in!

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Late last year we embarked on a journey with Plymouth University to bring an innovative and collaborative Apple Support service to the University’s Mac and iOS devices for staff and students.
As we near the anniversary we wanted to find out just what our users thought of the service. After all, it’s no good just thinking you have delivered an exceptional project, without first finding out whether the service really meets the expectations from your client and their users.
So, we decided to undertake an anonymous survey of the 300+ users of the service and “The CORE” in order to understand their views and experiences of the service. The questions sought to discover opinions and feedback on all manners of the service, including the Amsys team that man the service and views on the response times and fix-rates.
We have been extremely impressed by the results and very proud of our teams who have delivered such a fantastic service to our client. The results have demonstrated an average score of 96% across the board and comments such as “It is extremely helpful to have such resource in campus, it saved me time and further aggravation to have someone available so quickly and near my office.” and “Following the one visit, I have been recommending Amsys to my colleagues.” Well-done team!
When you couple this with our 100% achievement of our Service Level Agreements since they were introduced, the survey results conclude that we are delivering a high-quality service, in tune with the user’s requirements.
The full survey results are detailed below.
Delivery Customer Satisfaction Survey            

Average %
How satisfied are you overall with our customer support? 4.71 94%
How satisfied were you with how the Amsys support staff resolved your recent problem? 4.76 95%

Please rate your Amsys Technician on the following attributes
Responsiveness 4.85 97%
Professionalism 4.83 97%
Politeness 4.88 98%
Knowledge of the problem 4.80 96%
Manner of handling follow up questions 4.73 95%

Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the following attributed of our service
Delivery of service 4.79 96%
Methods of communication 4.81 96%
Time taken before speaking to a technician 4.86 97%
Time taken before your issue was resolved 4.81 96%

Total Average



If you want to learn more about the solution Amsys delivered and the business and technical issues the University faced then download our free Apple in Education webinar, hosted in conjunction with Plymouth University.
To find out how we can help you integrate an Apple Support Service at your school or university please contact us today, email or call 0208 660 9999.