Passwords & Recruitment – More in Common than Just Social Networks?

Two big names in social networking have been affected this week; both LinkedIn and Last FM users have had their passwords and private data compromised. LinkedIn has a huge influence on the recruitment market and were already in the spotlight after reports that their App was transmitting sensitive data to their server, unbeknownst to the user. Yet, these are not the only companies to have fallen at the hands of hackers – even the CIA has been attacked!
It is not always clear who is behind all the attacks, but the well known group Anonymous claim a big influence. Following the disruption they created on the Home Office website in April, they released a statement for us to expect more. So, is this Anonymous manifesting themselves again? Or are there some other curious chancers out there?
Perhaps acting as a reminder to double and triple check your password validity and security measures, it also serves to reiterate the importance of trust and transparency, particularly in the workplace. This is why it is so vital to trust who works for you and to know your staff. By utilising our unique training and 6 month replacement offer in our package, our clients are reassured time and time again that the way we operate is clear and honest to avoid any nasty surprises.