Outlook 2011 Pain

Having used Apple Mail, iCal & Address Book for several years, I thought it time to test out Outlook 2011 for Mac. I had used Entourage X & 2004 previously but became frustrated with the general poor performance.
So I have been trying the product for around 2 months with our Kerio 7.3 server and have now retreated to the comfort of the standard Apple suite. Apart from the fact that the program is horrendously slow, and uglier than Motorola Xoom 2 and it is close to impossible to locate old emails, I really wanted it to work out.
outlook 2011
Some of the biggest problems for me…
Constant errors – Some errors are understandable, such as “no network connection”, but others are just irritating. It took me over a week to clear an error with en email I had deleted ages before, only to be presented with more errors the next day!
Slow – Whenever I am sent a new email, my iPhone & iPad would ping immediately. Outlook would then ponder the concept of receiving a new email for a few minutes before eventually joining in.
Searching – Ok, this is seriously annoying. Perhaps its me, perhaps I’m not doing it right, Apple Mail has made searching for emails so effortless, you don’t really need a folder structure. It seems that Outlook’s search feature is intentionally trying to annoy me! I’m glad I didn’t need to find an email in a hurry!
Missing features (I can live with this one) – Entourage had a number of features, such as projects, that have been removed or omitted in Outlook 2011.