Our Realtime Monitor (ARM) Prevents Major Disruption.

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Real time Monitor for Mac OS X Server – ARM

ARM has notched up another successful support event and prevented what could have caused major disruption to one of our clients.
When our Helpdesk received an ARM alert email from our clients’ server informing us of an internal hard disk error, they swung into action. Amsys techs immediately logged on to the server by remote access tools, to investigate the issue. It was confirmed that the drive had failed a built in test, but was still working.
We contacted the client, who had only detected a slight reduction in performance. There would have been no obvious error lights on the server to suggest a fault of this nature, so the customer would have remained unaware up to the point of failure. We scheduled a short notice service visit and replaced the failing part.
The result: the customer remained blissfully unaware of the likely catastrophic failure that would have caused disruption to their working environment. ARM, acting as the early warning system it is designed to be, alerted us to the likely event and enabled us to take preemptive action to ensure our customers business suffered no interruption.

About ARM

Amsys Real-time Monitor is a software tool, embedded in your OS X server to monitor eleven critical processes constantly. It has been developed by Amsys Technicians to act as an early warning device to prevent system failure whenever possible. Currently ARM is only available to Amsys Mac Support customers. For information about our mac support click here.