Job Interviews – How to Help Yourself

Firstly, give yourself a pat on the back – you have got through to interview stage, your real chance to impress. I can guarantee you have already gone through a fair few selection rounds from the Agency first; it is possible that you would have been one applicant of over fifty…


Confidence is the first key to success at interview. Believing in yourself and your capabilities will have an instant effect on the person interviewing you. You wouldn’t want a mechanic who says “Yeah I’m okay, I mean, I guess I could do that” to fix your car, so why would a client want to take on someone who comes across as scared of an Apple Mac?!
On the flip side, there is such a thing as over confidence, and even cockiness, which is to be avoided. A touch of modesty will go a long way and an idea to show this is to highlight your wish to progress and grow, both technically and within the company. If you come across as someone who already knows everything, it can be too much.


You need to research the company too, they will expect you to have prepared some questions, great examples are upcoming migrations or projects, training and progression. Do not ask about holiday, do not ask about salary and do not ask about perks such as a free canteen. In a first interview, this can be very off putting and take your focus away from the role you’re actually there for.
As well as saying you have great skills, you will be expected to demonstrate them. In most interviews for technical roles, technical tests will be mandatory in order to display the breadth and depth of your abilities. Don’t be shocked if you are thrust a written paper, take it smoothly, in fact, expect it!


Another thing to expect are questions about yourself. IT Support, particularly in the Mac arena, is moving away from the dark server room stereotype many people hold, and into the forefront of an open plan office. It is important to be easy going, level headed but hard working, and above all, it is integral to have a life outside of technology. The ideal Mac Support Technician would be funny, approachable and knowledgeable. I would suggest you don’t hide anything you think will help in the particular Apple role you apply for, whether it be designing your own website in your spare time or having a love for skiing!


Finally, the most important thing to ensure is right, is your appearance. Dressing appropriately for an interview doesn’t necessarily always mean a suit and tie. You need to factor in what type of industry and company you are going to. A large, corporate company would require a suit. An example of somewhere you would wear more casual attire to, would be a small, creative agency. If you have questions about dress code, ask us, but usually we will let you know.
Moreover, showering yourself in perfume or aftershave and caking on the make up is another no go. An interview is a chance to show who you are and your best skills; altering your appearance too much can be detrimental to your application. The most worthwhile approach to an interview is to believe in yourself, prepare yourself and be yourself!
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