Don't miss the OS X Yosemite Server Seminar

Are you thinking about integrating OS X into Active Directory and would like to understand this subject matter better including best practices?
If so, then attend the OS X Yosemite Server 1 day seminar on the 22nd of May in London.
Amsys Training is hosting this one-off seminar, led by our Apple Master Trainer, that will demonstrate and explain the various options to fill in the blanks left by Server app and provide hands-on scenarios for you to see different solutions in action.
Places are limited, therefore, booking ASAP is advised to avoid disappointment

What the OS X Yosemite Server Seminar will teach you

  • How to plan configuration of your server past the limitations of the Server App.
  • How to utilise the many command line tools supplied by Apple but hidden behind the scenes.
  • An understanding of OS X installer Packages through the command line.
  • How to integrate the Client into several Directories services.
  • An overview and understanding LDAP.
  • Troubleshooting login issues.

Plus much more.

Who Should Attend?

If you’re a Mac Admin, an existing Mac Support tech and want to upgrade your skill set, or need to know how to streamline your Server then book this 1 day seminar this May.
Pre-requisites? You should have a background in IT support and a basic understanding in OS X to attend this seminar.

During this 1 day OS X Server seminar we will cover the following topics:

  • Server app: Become an expert with the standard Server app including understanding what the tool is doing behind the scenes.
  • Headless Management and maintenance: Learn how to manage your server over VNC and SSH.
  • DNS & Bind: DNS is a key service so you will learn how to configure, protect and troubleshooting the DNS service.
  • Server command line tools: Learn how to utilise the many command line tools supplied by Apple including serveradmin, systemsetup and networksetup.
  • Local Directory: Understanding the Local Directory and what is required by the system for the user accounts. See how the local Directory interacts with the processes and what tools we can use to modify it.
  • OpenDirectory: Learn to use the number of command line tools to help configure and troubleshoot OpenDirectory.
  • Accessing Third Party Servers: Understanding LDAP Configuring OS X client computer to log in using a standard LDAP server.
  • Directory Solutions: Look into different options like implementing the Golden Triangle, substitutions and repurposing.
  • Profile Manager: Have a greater understanding on how this service works including auto enrolment, using the profiles command line tools.
  • File Sharing: Services: Learn how configure file sharing services from the command line.
  • Permissions: Understand how Apple implements permissions on OS X Server and how to manipulate them from the command line.
  • Web: OS X Server hides a lot of the features available to Apache, learn how to configure and modify Apache configuration pages.
  • Caching Service: Learn why this is a great service, how it works and how to troubleshoot it and modify it’s settings.

Price: This seminar is just £195 + VAT (RRP: £260)

Book now to avoid missing out

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