Amsys' Yosemite Advanced Deployment course is here!

Amsys’ Yosemite Advanced Deployment course is here!

Over the last few years, my fellow trainers and I have been teaching our advanced Apple IT courses to a wide range of IT professionals who need to extend their OS X knowledge beyond Apple’s ACTC certification.
Last week, I delivered our very first OS X Yosemite training course, an updated beta version of our Advanced Deployment course
Over the last couple of months, I’ve been thinking about how I can make this course bigger and better (and more enjoyable)!
Now that Yosemite has arrived, I’ve managed to pack in more features and tools for administrators to play with. The Advanced Deployment course for 10.10 is all about hands-on labs, with plenty of time to get your hands dirty by trying out different deployment scenarios and solutions.
I’ve added lots of third party tools into the mix as either demos, discussion points and exercises. These sessions will provide valuable real-world context, as these tools complement OS X’s built-in installation and deployment software and have become an essential tool to many Mac Admins.
This 3 day intensive course is ideal for IT professionals who require an in-depth knowledge on deploying OS X systems and its software.
Students on the first course really enjoyed our hands on approach to training, with one commenting:
“The course will be very useful to me as it has expanded my knowledge on deployment. I handle all the deployments at my work, and I am also considering incorporating an MDM, this course has really opened my eyes to the options available in leveraging a combined deployment and MDM solution.
Being on the first beta of this course meant I was able to ask the questions I needed to ask without disturbing the progress of the course. Having the ability to test out Yosemite so close to its release date was fantastic. Russell also encouraged and assisted me in testing out my own theories and scenarios instead of performing the documented course exercises.”
What the Advanced Deployment course will teach you:

  • How to plan and develop a comprehensive, stable Mac Deployment strategy – including customizing deployed systems and implementation of all methods of deployment, from deploying single files to multiple OS X Systems.
  • Create a comprehensive Deployment planning checklist and Service-Level Agreement (SLA).
  • How to create, deploy and enforce Usage Policies on Apple devices.
  • Understand how the OS X Yosemite file system functions and how it handles file, folder and package installation.
  • Understand OS X installer Packages. Creating, customising, securing and deploying installer packages.
  • How the Mac App Store works. Ownership of Apps, downloading Apps, Volume License Agreement (VLA) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP).
  • Understand the built-in security features of OS X (such as GateKeeper and FileVault 2) and how to work with these during Deployment.
  • Third Party imaging and deployment tools including, Iceberg, Packages, AutoPkg, Munki and Casper.

Plus much more! Read the Yosemite Advanced Deployment course in full here.
If you want to learn how to deploy a fleet of Macs then come along to one of our Advanced Deployment courses in Central London, South London or Manchester. In the meantime,  keep an eye out for new announcements as we release updated and new courses on OS X Yosemite and iOS 8!