OS X Server 5 – iOS File Sharing

With the introduction of OS X Server 5, Apple has added a new way to share files to iOS users.
In the past, we had the WebDav option, which is still available. But now a new iOS sharing option is available that presents share points to apps that support document management.
Note: Beware this feature is only available for OS X Server 5 running on El Capitan and for iOS 9 users.

Setup OS X Server

If you launch the server app and head to the File Sharing service, you will note several things.

  • If you edit the share point, a new option for iOS is available. Enable it to make that share point available for iOS 9 users.


  • On the main window for the file sharing service is an option to create personal folders for users who log in with iOS. As well as seeing the main shares, every user gets a personal folder.


Setup iOS 9

We can now setup iOS 9:

  • Head to the settings app and select Mail, Contacts and Calendars


  • Select “Other” as the account option to add


  • Then select “OS X Server Account”


  • If you are on the same subnet, the server will appear. Otherwise you can select “other.” In either case, enter your user credentials.


  • Now if you run an app that fully supports document management, like Pages, you will see this share as an option to grab some files.