Mac Support for PC Techs 10.9 Training at Lancaster Uni!

Firstly a Happy New Year to all. With a New Year comes new adventures for all at Amsys Training, and mine arrived in the first working week! I was given the opportunity to travel to Lancaster University to teach not just any onsite course, but Amsys’ first OS X Mavericks Course!
I was sent to teach our Mac Support for PC Technicians course not once but twice – back to back. The University had also decided that they would offer the exam for each of the delegates. Upon passing the Mac Integration Basics 10.9 Exam, therefore, each delegate would then have the Apple Certified Associate Certification upon passing the exam!
On the Monday, I arrived and set up my room. It was an ideal training room, as the set up was perfect for an enjoyable learning environment.
mac support for pc tech onsite course
Tuesday brought the start of the first ever Amsys 10.9 Course. I met my first set of 9 delegates, and we started making our way through the material. Although the course was designed for OS X Mavericks, it seemed appropriate for the University’s staff to have an overview of other versions of OS X, and the differences that they would come across as they were supporting a wide variety of versions.
Both days run smoothly, and at the end they were ready to take the exam. Some were more relaxed about it than others but after the 2 hour period allotted for the exam everyone had passed.
The second course ran in much the same way, however, unfortunately for the second group, they had the added pressure due to the success of the first group. Even with this pressure they rose to the occasion and again all 9 passed.
It was a great experience and was good to be able to get the first 10.9 course out of the way, ahead of hopefully many more as successful as this one. Thank you to all at Lancaster University who made it possible and enjoyable.
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