Objective-C adoption grows in 2011 thanks to iOS

By Richard Mallion
Due to the hugh sales of iOS devices , the Objective-C language which is used to develop applications for iOS showed the most growth in usage during 2011.
Market share for Objective-C for the end of 2011 was approx. 6.91 percent compared to  3 percent at the beginning of 2011, driven mainly by the continuing success of iPhone and iPad.
Java maintained the top spot with a 17.47% market share. Java being used for cross platform / Internet development as well as the default language for Android development.
Here was the top 5 languages:

  1. Java with 17.47%
  2. C with 16.97%
  3. C# with 8.78%
  4. C++ with 8.06%
  5. Objective-C with 6.91%

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