Now's a Good a Time as Any to Join the Mac Job Market

The shock announcement today that Nokia are going to be cutting 10,000 jobs has undoubtedly left many IT Engineers thinking hard about the future of the mobile industry; particularly as RIM is also starting to become a distant memory and does anyone actually remember ‘Palm’?
They dubbed themselves the hot new thing, being the first to bring out a PDA and ‘smartphone’, but are nowhere to be seen now. Usually, strategies that work start with an original idea, which Palm unquestionably was, so where did it go wrong? And are Nokia, Blackberry and a few others following suit?
It comes at a poignant time to ask these questions, following Apple’s WWDC, where they announced the upcoming release of iOS 6. Unsurprisingly, Apple are ahead of the game; as well as improving upon what they have already created (Siri) they have innovated additional features and a new app called Passbook. As Apple are able to consistently deliver, it becomes more and more apparent that they are still one step ahead and moving at an equilibrium to the consumer.
Another thing that Apple seem to get right is engaging with their brand and thus audience. Most of the general public could reel off lists of Apple products, but would struggle to tell you anything Nokia apart from the Lumia. Apple prove therefore, that keeping one step ahead is great, but remaining in the throng is beneficial too.
It seems a good time for many to join the throng too, if you’re not in it already: Apple shares are on the incline, and the job market is growing. Just yesterday, we had two openings for iOS developers go live and always have an influx of clients on the look out for engineers, if mobile isn’t your thing.
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