News Flash

By Adam Davies
Last week Adobe announced that it will be introducing a new product into its prolific lineup in the way of Flash Media Server 4.5.  Flash Media Server 4.5 will now stream to a range of platforms including, you guessed it, Apple iOS devices.  Hmmmm.  An interesting turnaround from the flash / no-flash argument going back and forth between Adobe and Apple since the release of the original iPhone.
So, what is the lowdown?  Well, this would apparently seem like an admittance on Adobe’s behalf that Apple have won the argument.  This time.  Or does it?
Flash Media Server is available in 4 different versions : Streaming Server, Interactive Server, Enterprise Server, and Media Server on Amazon Web Services.  What these all essentially do is to re-encode the Flash input into an HTTP Dynamic or Live stream, which is compatible with Apple iOS devices.
From videographers to game developers, this will provide a much missing audience from their stack.  All those millions with iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches will now be able to access existing content on their devices.  This is a huge step forward by Adobe, who have essentially bent slightly to Apple in this latest advance – but is a win for users of iOS devices who have previously lost out on this content.  Although Flash will continue to exist for those platforms that support it, it will be available without the drain on iOS devices by this latest advent.