New Training Course: Mac Management Basics 10.8

Apple announced an exciting new certification last month: Apple Certified Associate (ACA) – Mac Management 10.8
I’ve been busy over the past few weeks creating a fantastic course for technicians who would like to learn the content for this exam in an interactive, hands-on class in true Amsys fashion.
Our new Mac Management Basics 10.8 course is therefore now available, providing delegates with an exercise-packed 2 day course designed for technical professionals who want to learn more about deploying and managing multiple Mac computers.
The main goal of this course is to introduce technicians to the basic techniques for using Apple’s tools for deploying and managing Mac computers.
The first day covers deploying Macs, focusing on methods for deploying software including creating installer packages, and using network disk images for system software deployment.
The second day looks into solutions for managing OS X computers, including using Apple Remote Desktop and Profile Manager, but also discusses using the Software Update and Caching services in OS X Server to assist with management and deployment of updates and apps.
Throughout the course you will use a number of Apple tools including NetBoot & NetInstall Service, Software Update Server, Caching Service, Remote Desktop, System Image Utility, Package Maker and the command line.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Creating Installer Packages: About installer packages, Signing installer packages, Creating Packages from the Command Line, Using Receipts to track Installer Package Installations, Creating Installer Packages with Third-Party Utilities.
  • Creating System Images: System Image Overview, Creating images with Disk Utility, Creating images with System Image Utility, Automations with System Image Utility.
  • Deploying System Images: System deployment concepts, Local deployment, NetBoot Overview, Understanding & Configuring the NetInstall service, Minimal-Touch Deployments, Third-party system deployment tools.
  • Managing Computers with Apple Remote Desktop: Enable Remote Management, Creating Apple Remote Desktop Computer Lists, Deploying software and settings, Inventory tools and reporting, Using ARD to schedule tasks and ARD Task Servers.
  • Policy Management: About Profile Manager, Profile Manager Components and Modes, About Configuration Profiles, Setting up a Profile Manager Server, Client Management Suites, Editing, Distributing & Installing Configuration Profiles, Client Management Suites.
  • Managing Software Updates: Software Update Overview, Software Update Policy, Configuring the OS X Server Software Update Service, Configuring Software Update Server Clients, Third-party Software Update Service.
  • Caching Software Downloads: Caching Service Overview, Caching Service Requirements, Configuring the Apple Caching Service, Comparing the Caching and Software Update Services.

For more information about this exciting new training course or to register your interest click here.