New podcast on its way: Time Machine 10.8

There is a new podcast series coming up all about Time Machine in 10.8. We will be going to go through the basics, all the way up to advance setup.

The series plans as follows:

Episode 1: Time Machine

  • Time Machine overview
  • How to setup Time Machine (single and multiple destinations)
  • Local Snapshots
  • Exclusions (GUI)

Episode 2: Recover data

  • Complete System
  • Single Files
  • Email

Episode 3: Advance Setup

  • Encrypted backup
  • Exclusions (Terminal)
  • Stop Drives popping up
  • Change Schedule

Episode 1 is now in the finishing stages,  we will talk about how time machine works and the reasons why it’s the people’s choice for backing up their mac.
We will also look at setting up Time Machine to backup to single and multiple destinations, local snapshots and how to exclude items from your backup.
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