New Mac Pro – Not so Much of an Upgrade

By Richard Mallion
It’s been almost 2 years since Apple last updated their Mac Pro range.
This has left a lot of high end users very twitchy about whether Apple where going to keep their high end work station around. And it’s still the staple machine for high end video and 2D/3D graphics.
When Intel recently released their Xeon E5 chips earlier in the year every one hoped we would see these appear in a new Mac Pro model along with thunderbolt and USB 3.
Today Apple quietly upgraded their Mac Pro machine. Sadly we saw no Thunderbolt, no USB 3, no new design, no new graphics cards,  just a small speed bump.
For Pro users this is very disappointing. What this holds for the future we are not sure. This could be a stop gap update before Apple release a really different version of the Mac Pro or maybe the Mac Pro is nearing the end…